• Leading people with executive function challenges on the path to success.
  • Teaching students to identify and utilize tools and strategies that address their specific needs.
  • Helping clients to understand their unique learning profiles to develop productive lifelong habits.
  • Supporting students, young adults, and parents who are navigating an array of challenges.
  • Using proven techniques to develop increased confidence, self-advocacy, and independence.

Executive Function (EF) refers to the set of cognitive skills that include planning, working memory, flexible thinking, and self control. Difficulty with these everyday skills can make it hard to focus, follow directions, make decisions, stay organized, complete tasks, or regulate behavior. Research suggests that Executive Function skills are essential for students to succeed in school and adults to succeed in later life. Effective Coaching & Consulting aims to provide those with EF challenges the understanding, support and skills they need to be successful.


Does it feel like your child is struggling to reach their full potential? You know that your child has it in them, but something is holding them back?

What if you could work with an experienced coach, and
together, we could tap into their full potential? 

I work with teens, college students, and young adults with Executive Function issues on challenges they face managing their daily lives.  This includes school, work, personal health and wellness, and relationships. Together, I will educate you about executive functioning, academic study skills and strategies, the development of personal skills to manage challenges, and support and accountability to achieve success. I personalize my approach to each family in order to create ease and success in your journey to discovering your or your child's full potential.

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